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About Us

Unknowingly, my Bald Life began in middle school while watching Michigan's Fab 5 during March Madness.  I grabbed a bowl of water from the kitchen, took it into my bedroom with a cheap throw away razor, a can of shaving cream, and embarked on my first shaving experience.  Quite a few shaving lessons were learned that evening, and the top of my dresser looked like someone shaved and murdered their cat in the same session.

This was around the same time that my barber shared some interesting news with me, that I really wasn't ready to hear.  Imagine being a 13 or 14 year old boy that just started caring about how he looked, especially to girls, and you head into the barber to get a fresh fade when he breaks some earth shattering news on you, "you know you're probably going to be bald by the time you're 25, based on the way it's thinning, and the shape of your current hairline."  I didn't know whether to be angry or happy that he could see the future of my hair, or lack there of.  Ok, I was shocked and wanted to cry.

I really didn't appreciate his foresight, but he hit the nail on the head!  From 21-25, I was very much in denial and kept the couple hairs I had left, but ultimately succumbed to the inevitable.  I had THE TALK with myself that 25th year, and decided to embrace the beautiful bald head I was given!

On the way home from a family vacation in the Summer of 2015, I dreamed up the idea to start Bald Life.  I envisioned it as a club, a brotherhood, that is directed and driven by its members.  I have some cool ideas that I will share, but i would like all of you to be part of the movement where we embrace the Bald Life!

I hope you enjoy the fine apparel I hand selected through trial and error, and it will always be our goal to deliver great products to your doorstep!  I desire great experiences from the companies I do business with, and we will deliver that experience to you.  Your hair may have failed you, but we will not my friend.


Russ Kirby

Owner, Bald Life